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NOTE:- Advise available for all countries laws vis-a-vis adultery & divorce so if you want divorce from your adulterous wife & want to have Consultation with ATUR CHATUR by paying him the consultation fees then contact him at +91-9873540498 & must also leave an email at ATURCHATUR@YAHOO.COM

QUESTION:- Is Atur Chatur available on the internet only?
ANSWER:- YES, Currently we are available only on the internet. You can also call us Atur Chatur Net or Atur Chatur Internet
QUESTION:- Is Atur Chatur expert in advise for perjury & court record tampering by opposite party?
ANSWER:- YES, Perjury is also u/s 340 CrPC and Court Record Tampering is also another form of fraud on court i.e., Perjury. Perjury can be committed by the cops also if they file a false affidavit supported charge sheet against the husband or his relatives in a matrimonial dispute. In that case, you have two options viz., (a) to file Perjury against Police or, (b) to move an application before the Hon’ble Judge concerned to return the charge sheet due to lacunaein the chargesheet.
QUESTION:- Can husbands be protected from false arrest or false 498a arrest by the police?
ANSWER:- YES, RTI to break false 498a, protection from arbitrary arrest and pressing the charges before Framing of Charges and invoking of human rights of NRI for protection from human rights violation are some of the methods through which the husband can protect himself from false arrest and this can also help in quashing of charge sheet. This can also be used to protect oneself from false 41a notice or defective CrPC 41A Notice by the I.O. (Investigating Officer)

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  1. I am an NRI and my wife has filed a FIR for dowry harassment under section 498a. Now, they say they have informed CBI and Interpol. Can they get me extradited?


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